How to strengthen fine hair

How to strengthen fine hair

Not each woman can brag of smart and dense head of hear. The nature has allocated many with fine hair which main problems are their softness and naughtiness and also lack of due volume, owing to the secret allocated by sebaceous glands which is making heavier hair. Behind fine hair the special care directed, first of all, to their strengthening and giving of splendor is necessary.


  1. Choose shampoos and other cosmetics which give to hair volume. They should not contain fat. Avoid shampoos with conditioners and also the last in itself. It is desirable to rinse hair with carbonated mineral water. It strengthen them at the expense of minerals and do not make heavier. After drying it is recommended to comb hair at once.
  2. The masks for hair prepared in house conditions are considered as not less effective. It is possible to grind oat flakes in the coffee grinder and to mix them with water of room temperature before formation of gruel. Apply the received means on all length of hair for 15 minutes, and then carefully wash away. Mash black bread and mix with mineral water. Mix needs to be rubbed in hair, and in 10 minutes properly to rinse them. Such national recipes can be used also as means for washing of the head. After their application the hair will become clean and beautiful.
  3. Rather widespread means for fine hair - milk mask. For this purpose add 2 tablespoons of buckwheat flour and one egg to half glass of warm milk. Distribute mix on all length of hair and leave for half an hour. At the same time wrap up the head with cellophane.
  4. Not bad in fight against fine hair has proved also the burdock oil having the restoring and bactericidal properties. Means is applied on clean hair for hour, and the head is wrapped in terry towel.
  5. Before washing of the head it is useful to make the strengthening mask with egg yolk for hair. For this purpose it is mixed with sunflower oil in equal proportions and rubbed in head skin. Such twenty-minute mask will add to hair gloss and shine.
  6. In fine hair care their drying has powerful value. You carry out it against growth of hair, it is better from nape to the person, using slightly warm air flow. It is quite good to use at the same time round brush. Such actions will create to your hairstyle necessary volume.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team