How to strengthen folk remedies nails

How to strengthen folk remedies nails

Gentle hands with well-groomed marigold – the business card of any woman, its ornament and guarantee of confidence in own appeal. But if nails exfoliate and break whether only building it is possible to solve this problem? You do not hurry to register in salon, there are fine folk remedies for strengthening and improvement of growth of nails.


1. Do baths for strengthening of nails. Duration of procedures – twenty minutes, nails two times a week are desirable to indulge them. National recipes of the strengthening baths: - part soda tablespoon in glass of hot water, add five drops of glycerin and three drops of iodine; - mix slightly warmed up vegetable oil with apple cider vinegar in proportion one to one, at will add three drops of iodine, lemon juice to mix; - dissolve tablespoon of table or sea salt in glass of warm water; - dissolve sea salt in equal amount of warm water. Such baths are simple in preparation, are almost free, but the effect will exceed all expectations. The exfoliating and fragile nails will become stronger, their growth will accelerate, your marigold every day will become more and more healthy and smooth.

2. Put nutritious masks not only on face, nails also require care. It is not obligatory to buy expensive professional masks and creams for strengthening of nails, there are fine folk remedies which will cope with task at all not worse. Mix one teaspoon of any hand cream, teaspoon of chili powder with ten drops of water. Apply mask on nails, you hold twenty minutes, wash away water without soap. Slightly warm up half-glass of vegetable oil, add teaspoon of lemon juice and half-glass of beer, carefully stir. Take hands in the turned-out mix not less than twenty minutes, get wet with napkin. Mix three tablespoons of olive oil, three drops of lemon juice, two drops of iodine. Lower hands in mix, take ten minutes. Wring out several drops of lemon juice in small capacity, mix with small amount of table salt, carefully stir, apply mask on nails for twenty minutes. Do such masks at least once in week, soon you will notice how your marigold will change.

3. Grease nails and skin around them with various means for strengthening and food. It is the best of all to do it before going to bed. Choose on the taste: - iodine; - olive, sunflower or castor oil; - juice of lemon, red or blackcurrant. Such procedures will strengthen and will revitalize your nails, and rubbing juice of lemon or currant, you will be able to bleach the marigold.

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