How to strengthen hair after coloring

How to strengthen hair after coloring

When coloring dye, getting into cortical layer of hair, takes the place of melanin. The hair changes color not only outside, but also inside that does not do well to hair bulb. Having finished coloring, do not forget to take care of strengthening of hair.


  1. The hair weakened by constant coloring need to be strengthened by means of special shampoos, conditioners, masks and balms. The main thing that in their structure there was no lauryl sulfateof sodium which is slowing down process of reproduction of hair. It is desirable that shampoos and conditioners included panthenol. This substance is capable to help restoration of the damaged sites of cores of hair. It is possible to buy such cosmetics in specialized shops. To restore hair sack time will be required, do not hope for fast effect.
  2. It is very useful to wash at least once in week the head, using fresh eggs. Pour warm water in basin, break couple of eggs and shake up them in water hand that foam has turned out. The spoon of lemon juice will enhance effect. Wash this water the head, and then rinse and wipe. It is also possible to rub yolk in roots of hair, to roll up the head terry towel and to take mask about 15 minutes, to wash hair with flowing water.
  3. It is known that zinc and biotin – biologically active agents promoting improvement of structure of hair. Buy in drugstore nutritious capsules with zinc and biotin and rub their contents in head skin.
  4. Hair after coloring are recommended to be rinsed with infusion of such herbs as celandine, yarrow, camomile and sage. The method of washing of the head is known for rye bread for a long time. Cut half of loaf of rye bread on pieces and fill in with boiled water liter. Put infusion to the warm place for 6 hours. Filter the received water, take several layers of gauze, filter through it water and you apply gruel on hair. During drawing mass head skin, then wash hair with warm water.
  5. Take a little vegetable oil and add there in equal parts lemon juice, onions and garlic. You apply the received gruel the massing movements to head skin. You hold mask on the head about half an hour. It is necessary to wash away gruel warm water with several drops of citric acid.

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