How to strengthen hair and roots of hair on the head

How to strengthen hair and roots of hair on the head

Problems with roots and head skin affect appearance of hair. They begin to drop out, tips become dim and fragile. If in time not to take care of their health and not to be engaged in the restoring procedures, the result can be deplorable. Not seldom long curls should be obstrigat though in creative, but after all in short hairstyle which sometimes so does not approach image. If you begin to restore health of roots, hair will begin to shine healthy gloss.


  1. Wash hair with the restoring shampoo about use of conditioner. You can buy shampoo which contains broths of officinal herbs in drugstore, or buy synthetic analogs in cosmetic department. Means with herbs have medical effect, restore roots and improve health of skin. And here usual only mask problem, smoothing structure silicones and other additives.
  2. Two times a week do the restoring masks of the same firm of the producer, as shampoo which you use. The mask with usual balm has absolutely different structure and works better.
  3. Do massage of roots. For this purpose slightly pull hair at roots, and then release. It is necessary to do it carefully, hair also are so injured. You can mass them by means of wooden massage brush. On hairbrush there have to be round tips on cloves, also the structure of tree should not be broken.
  4. Use burdock oil. You apply it for 1-2 hours and cover the head with cellophane. Wash away everything usual shampoo under flowing water. So you not only restore roots, but also will accelerate growth of hair. It is possible to carry out such procedure daily, it will not do harm.
  5. Buy colourless henna and make of it mask. Part grass bag in bowl of warm water, apply the received mix on all length of hair. It is necessary to hold 30-40 minutes, and then to wash away. Colourless henna does not paint hair.
  6. For improvement of health of hair and skin accept vitamin complexes from within. They not only will revitalize hair, but also will load organism with energy, the complexion and the general health will improve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team