How to strengthen hair henna

How to strengthen hair henna

Henna call powder which turns out from the crushed henna bush leaves which grows practically across all territory of Asia and Africa. Henna is applied in medicine, paint with it bodies and also used for coloring and strengthening of hair.

It is required to you

  • - colourless or usual henna;
  • - several drops of essential oil;
  • - two yolks;
  • - olive or burdock oil;
  • - apple cider vinegar;
  • - honey.


  1. If you want to strengthen, but not to paint head of hear, then stylists advise to use colourless henna. It perfectly strengthens structure of hair, doing it stronger and elastic, interferes with hair loss, treats for excessive fat content head skin and also is excellent antidandruff preparation. After use of henna of lock become more dense, strong and brilliant.
  2. Dissolve henna powder with hot water in proportions which are specified in the instruction. Let's cool down a little, and then apply weight on clean hair. Distribute it on all length then cover the head with cellophane, and from above wrap up with warm towel. You resemble 20-30 minutes then wash away henna water.
  3. For achievement of optimum effect try to carry out the procedure of strengthening of hair henna regularly - at least one-two times a month.
  4. Make strengthening of hair even more effective by means of additional ingredients. Add several drops of essential oil which will also help to strengthen and feed curls to henna.
  5. Take packing of colourless henna, add to it two yolks, two tablespoons of olive or burdock oil, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tea spoons of honey. Trouble all this boiled water and apply on hair for one hour. After such mask you do not learn the head of hear, even the damaged locks after such therapy will look healthy and brilliant!
  6. It is possible to strengthen hair and by means of ordinary henna. If to apply it for five-ten minutes, then it not only will feed hair, but also will give them subtle reddish shade. If you want to receive more saturated color, then it is necessary to apply henna for 30-60 minutes depending on type of hair.

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