How to strengthen nails after building

How to strengthen nails after building

Nail extension now procedure same natural, as coloring of hair. Large number of women regularly puts the handles in order, addressing specialists in modeling of nail plate. However breaks during which the restoring procedures are required for nails are necessary from time to time.

Nails after gel removal

After removal of artificial nails the bulk of women faces problem of thinning of nail plate. Cases when the habitual shape of nail changes are known. In attempt to grow there are a little marigold, they begin to break and crumble. What to undertake in these cases?

First, do not wait that the nail plate will become strong and completely healthy earlier, than all part of nail which has undergone cutting will grow.

And secondly, do not forget that various baths and other procedures for strengthening of nails are capable to make them stronger and also to accelerate natural growth.

It is necessary to remove the increased nails only in salon since the master will use the best efforts to cut as it is possible smaller part of nail plate and consequently, will be able to injure already brittle nails not so strongly.

How to strengthen the nails

In order that additional load was not placed on nails, do not let grow them more long, than fingertips are 3 mm higher. Surely accept the polyvitamins directed to strengthening of hair and nails. And also include fresh vegetables and fruit, cottage cheese and other dairy products in diet. Strengthen nails outside. For this purpose daily prepare the following bath: in pan with warm water dissolve 1 tablespoon of sea salt several drops of lemon juice. Take in this solution of hand for 30 minutes. Before going to bed rub small amount of olive oil in each nail. It well influences nails and also softens cuticle. Instead of olive it is possible to use one of base oils: avocado, almond or jojoba, with addition in it 2-3 drops of essential oil: pines, bergamot, ylang-ylang. It is very useful to rub in nail plate natural lemon juice in the mornings. Drip on 1 drop of juice on each nail and carefully rub with slight circular motions. Do not forget to use economic gloves at hand wash of linen, washing of ware and also at any contact with means of household chemicals. Always put on warm gloves or mittens during the periods of hard frosts. It is possible to use saloon procedures for strengthening of natural nails. Now paraffinotherapy and also various closing of nail enjoys special popularity. At the same time in cuticle the medical strengthening structure is rubbed.

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