How to strengthen nails after long building

How to strengthen nails after long building

Nail extension - the procedure very popular today as it gives to female hands improbable beauty and external ukhozhennost. The real nails strongly spoil from this procedure as the master cuts nail plate. They become soft and fragile, take unseemly appearance. It is necessary to stock up with patience and it is good to try to strengthen nails after long building.

It is required to you

  • Burdock oil, peach oil, camomile broth, broth of calendula, capsule of Ayevit, sea salt, lemon, cosmetic wax.


1. To recover nails after building, first of all it is necessary to be engaged in their food from within. It is necessary to pick up good multivitamin complex and to spend on drink course. It is also in addition necessary to accept calcium and Ayevit (vitamins A and E) as it is necessary elements for health and beauty of nails.

2. Without special baths to put nails in order it will not turn out in any way. They have to be warm (water temperature about 40 wasps) and to contain useful impurity, such as broth of flowers of camomile or calendula, sea salt or juice of lemon and also oil (for example, burdock or peach, having the restoring and strengthening properties). Hands plunge into baths not less than for 20 minutes. It is better to do these procedures as often as possible, at least four times a week. It will accelerate restoration process. Are not less useful to prevention of bath, it is necessary to resort to them periodically, at least once in month.

3. There are good masks for nails which will help to make nails strong and strong. For example, it is possible to mix water with one of oils, useful to nails (best of all will approach burdock or peach) and also with 5 drops of lemon juice and to crush the Ayevita capsule in the turned-out mix 1. This mask needs to be rubbed in nails before going to bed.

4. Also for a long time it is known that potatoes are very useful to nails. Procedures with mashed potatoes will help to strengthen plates pretty fast. It is necessary to make it and to impose on nails, then to wrap them foil and to take at least 20 minutes. The most plain mask is immersion of fingers in pulp of the lemon cut in half. The lemon has the restoring, strengthening and clarifying properties.

5. The good way to cure nails after long building is paraffinotherapy which is carried out in salons. In house conditions it is possible to carry out procedures with strengthening by wax. For this purpose it is necessary to mix cosmetic wax with lemon juice or essential oil of lemon/orange, to rub mix in hands and nails about 20 minutes, and then to wash away warm water. It is necessary to repeat each three days, then after couple of applications the result will be visible.

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