How to strengthen nails and hair

How to strengthen nails and hair

Recently the problem of strengthening of hair and nails becomes especially current. Well-groomed hands and the head – sign of the healthy and successful woman, and therefore require special attention. Otherwise, hair begin to break, become dry or fat, appearance of dandruff is possible, and nails begin to exfoliate, the nail plate gains fragility.


  1. The program for strengthening of nails includes several stages. First of all prevention is necessary - it is minimum of contact with water, various washing substances, powders and other chemistry that means work in gloves and preliminary greasing of skin of hands and nailsof glycerin or fat cream.
  2. Secondly - reception of microelements, vitamins, calcium, it is desirable in complex with vitamin D. These substances contain in dairy products, almonds, fig, dates. Red meat and fish (they are rich with iron), carrot juice will be also useful (it contains provitamin A). Experts also recommend month to use medical gelatin (approximate daily dose - 5 gr) then to repeat course in 30 days.
  3. The third, main stage of strengthening of nails - food their special oils, use of medical cream for cuticle. But do not forget – oils are applied on nail contour, and means for cuticle are rubbed in its basis.
  4. Fourthly – the correct manicure. It is better to replace metal files for nails more sparing, with teflon covering. Liquids for removal of varnish should not contain acetone. Do not forget that rest is necessary for nails too therefore to varnish them constantly harmfully. It is better to replace periodically color varnish colourless medical, containing calcium for fragile nails and fruit acids for stratified.
  5. Also there is number of rules which will help to strengthen hair, to make them healthy and strong. First, it is necessary to notice that the condition of hair depends on condition of organism therefore brittle and limp hair – the first sign that with health something not as it should be. Most often it testifies to diseases of digestive tract or endocrine diseases.
  6. The following step - revision of food allowance: vitamins and microelements, important and necessary for hair, contain in green pepper, broccoli, blackcurrant, parsley, besides, needs to eat not less than 400 gr fruit and vegetables in day.
  7. Thirdly, it is impossible to disregard head skin, it is necessary to look after it, using special means. It is impossible to overdry skin and hair phenom, it is the best of all to comb hair not really rigid brush – sharp teeth leave on microcrack hair that leads to the section of tips.
  8. Fourthly, try not to abuse cigarettes (their smoke harmful influences growth of hair) and alcohol (its frequent use does hair lifeless and dim).
  9. Various nutritious and medical masks will also help to strengthen hair. It is possible not only to buy them in salons and drugstores, but also to make according to simple recipes. When choosing mask do not forget to consider features of your skin and hair – for different types of mask are various.
  10. Remember that hair to which systematically pay attention, will always respond to your care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team