How to strengthen nails and to look after them in house conditions

How to strengthen nails and to look after them in house conditions

Nail care has to have regular character. From beauty shops it should be transferred home. The plate of healthy nail has to have smooth plain surface, healthy pink color, differ in durability. If any changes are noticed, it can signal about malfunctions with health.

Beautiful and strong nails: rules of leaving

The surface of nails can change as a result of improper feeding, interaction with chemicals, the wrong leaving. Therefore food has to be various and also include as much as possible the vitaminized food. If you have noticed any changes on nails, then for restoration of plate you will need not less than half a year that the nail could grow from the basis up to the end.

Manicure should be done at least 2 times a month. Where to carry out this procedure, everyone chooses itself, but it has to be the reliable and checked place in order to avoid appearance of any infections, all tools are obliged to be exposed to disinfection. If you prefer to do manicure in house conditions independently, then you need to acquire manicure set. The tools entering there should be contained in ideal purity too, before use to wipe with alcohol or special antibacterial means.

Nail care: useful tips

That your nails looked beautifully and shone health, it is necessary correctly and regularly to look after them, namely:

1. Not to allow influence with aggressive chemical means.

2. For removal of varnish to use liquid without acetone as it strongly overdries nail plate.

3. Nail varnish has to be qualitative, not contain acetone.

4. To do nutritious masks and to use nail oil.

5. To grease with cream, to pay special attention to the basis of nail and cuticle.

6. As seldom as possible to apply varnish on nails - often it and is the reason of peeling, withdrawal pains and yellowing of nail plate.

7. Healthy nutrition, how we look - it is result of what we eat. In diet the components rich with calcium, iron, iodine and also vitamins A, E, all group B are desirable.

8. To rub vitamins B the basis of nail. It can be blackcurrant juice, lemon juice, essential oils.

9. If you have noticed yellowness on nails, it is possible to remove it quickly and without effort by means of lemon slice. Not to keep itself waiting for result – nails will become more white and are stronger.

Here such elementary rules will help you to achieve progress in leaving, treatment and strengthening of nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team