How to strengthen nails by means of national cosmetics

How to strengthen nails by means of national cosmetics

Bad nails – the tragedy for women. But at regular nail care it is possible to achieve great results. Especially now, when all ladies use various varnishes which perniciously affect nail plate.

Ways of strengthening of nails

To strengthen nails, it is necessary to pay them attention constantly. After removal of varnish covering it is necessary to hold treatment in house conditions. Perhaps, it will be some mask, bath, or the certain complex including number of recovery procedures. Each woman chooses for herself.

Bath: ""Sea force""

Force of sea salt and clay is proved throughout centuries. It is necessary for bath:

  • warm water – 399 ml;
  • clay pink – 1 tablespoon;
  • sea salt – 2 tablespoons.

Well stir salt and clay in water. Lower fingers in water for 16 minutes. After - get wet with towel and rub nutritious cream, having added several drops of oil of lemon. It is necessary to move the procedure 10 times every other day, then – once a week, and then - 1 time in 2 weeks.

Oil baths

Use of olive and castoric oils will add force and gloss to nails. Will humidify and will fill with vitamins - olive oil, will accelerate growth and will increase elasticity - castoric.

Oils in equal proportion undertake: it is exactly so much how many it is necessary for immersion of nail plate. Mix is a little warmed up. It is necessary to accept bath of 20 minutes. Then, easy massage movements it is necessary to rub residues of oils in fingers and nail plates.

Massage with jojoba oil

After medical baths it is useful to mass fingers and nail plates a little warmed up jojoba oil. The rotary stroking motions begin to pound finger-tips, then take nail plates. Further fingers to their basis are massed. Then use the longitudinal and cross directions at the same sequence. Pounding and stroking nail plates, it is necessary to delay each finger a little.

Bath from gelatin

It is possible to apply gelatinous baths to food and gloss, and for nikhva it will be required:

  • hot water - 1 glass;
  • gelatin - 1 tablespoon.

Dissolve gelatin in water and let's solution cool down. Accept bath of 14 - 19 minutes.


Paraffin appliques perfectly restore nail plate, and stimulate its growth. Paraffin can be applied on all brush that improves condition of its integuments.

Having kindled it on water bath up to the comfortable temperature, several times lower hands in the received weight. Let's it stiffen a little and put on cellophane mittens, and from above – woolen. Leave mask for 29 - 39 minutes. Exempt hands from paraffin and apply apricot kernel oil to skin, carefully rubbing in nail plate and cuticle.

""Vitamin mix""

Vitamins are also necessary for nails. It is possible to buy in drugstore vitamins A and E in capsules (Ayevit) and to rub them in nail plate. It is possible to add to any used oil or nutritious cream. Apply daily within 10 days, having temporarily refused nail varnish. Then they can be used not more often than few times in month.

Cottage cheese mask

To saturate nails with calcium, it is possible to apply cottage cheese mask. Application of natural fat cottage cheese 2-3 times a week prevents stratifying and fragility of nail plate.

Cottage cheese needs previously to be shaken up, added to it olive oil and to bring all mix to consistence of sour cream. Impose mask on hands for 20 minutes. After - remove the remains of cottage cheese mask wet towel wipes without soap and alcohol (napkins will be ideal for newborns) or wash away warm water without soap use.

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