How to strengthen nails in house conditions

How to strengthen nails in house conditions

Avitaminosis, improper feeding, use of detergents and laundry detergents negatively affects condition of nails. Nails are stratified, become brittle, fragile, have unattractive appearance. To strengthen nails, there is enough in house conditions to give them 10 minutes daily that nails have found former healthy and attractive look.


  1. In the easiest and easy way to strengthen nails in house conditions is to make baths on the basis of sea salt. It is necessary to dissolve tablespoon of sea salt in glass of warm water and within 10 minutes to keep nails in salt bath then hands should be greased with nutritious cream. Be not upset if there is no sea salt near at hand, for this procedure it is possible to use usual table salt which will be in kitchen.
  2. Baths on the basis of iodine with orange juice are very effective. It is necessary to mix two teaspoons of usual salt, several drops of iodine, 50 gr. orange juice and 50 gr. warm water. Carefully to mix everything, before full dissolution of salt, to lower fingers in bath and to sustain the pleasant relaxing procedure of 10 minutes. After that to wipe hands towel or to get wet with napkin and to grease with the moisturizing or nutritious cream.
  3. For strengthening of nails it is necessary to do oil bath of dual action. Besides strengthening, it well feeds nails. It will be required to mix half-glass of the warmed-up vegetable or olive oil and a half glass of apple cider vinegar and to ship fingers for 10 minutes in well mixed mix. On the basis of vegetable or olive oil it is possible to do oil-iodine bath. It is necessary to mix two tablespoons of oil with teaspoon of iodine and glass of water, to warm up the received solution on water bath and to make the procedure within 10 minutes. For bigger effect after the procedure it is possible to put on cotton gloves at several o'clock. The result of such procedures will be noticeable after 10 days.
  4. Perfectly compresses which part glycerin, natural olive oil, citric acid or lemon juice is cope with problem of fragility and fragility of nails. Any listed ingredients mix up with warm water and are rubbed to the area of nails.
  5. The natural olive oil mixed with three drops of lemon juice is very useful and nutritious for nails. This compress enriches nails with useful vitamins, strengthens them, softens skin around nails and gives them the correct color. For fast result the compress needs to be put two times a week before going to bed, it is desirable to put on cotton gloves after rubbing in. Regular rubbing in of juice of lemon, cranberry or currant favorably affects strengthening of nail platinum.

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