How to strengthen nails in the flying

How to strengthen nails in the flying

In summertime of year, skin of hands and nails require special care which basis is formed by effective moistening and protection against ultraviolet rays. Besides, in the flying of hand contact to the earth and sand which are extremely negatively influencing skin and nail plate more often.

It is possible to protect nails by means of special rubber gloves which need to be put on in operating time in garden, washing of ware and performance of another household chores. By the way, it is easy to connect work to cosmetic procedures. For this purpose apply the restoring hand and nail cream to skin and put on cotton gloves, and over them rubber.

Ultraviolet can not only make old skin of hands, but also is strong damage to manicure. Bright varnishes are in the bulk defenseless against influence of sunshine therefore in the flying they quickly lose saturated color. The modern cosmetic industry offers special coverings which protect nails from the harmful radiation of the sun, keeping at the same time bright color of varnish.

If you feel that under the influence of sunshine and dust skin of hands dries up, and nails exfoliate, grease cuticle with vegetable oils. Strengthening of nail plate is promoted by olive, almond, rose attar and also the medicines enriched with vitamins A and E. Recently there were oils containing extract from wheat sprouts which perfectly recovers nails and provides integrity of cuticle. Apply several drops of oil on the basis of nail plate and careful circular motions rub them in cuticle. Repeat this procedure every day, in the morning and in the evening even if nails are varnished. One more effective remedy of recovery of structure of nails is salty sea water. Due to the structure she is capable to revitalize nail plate in only two weeks of holiday on a seashore. Under the influence of sea water the nails are leveled, become more transparent, flexible and brilliant. However during stay at the sea, it is necessary to remember that salty water actively washes away from nails useful microelements, in particular calcium. Therefore every time after bathing take shower and wash away salt from body.

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