How to strengthen nails in the spring

How to strengthen nails in the spring

In the spring because of short-reception of vitamins and other valuable substances the nails become weak, lose the durability and begin to exfoliate. Fortunately, they can recover former health and beauty: for this purpose nail plates need to be strengthened.

For fight against stratification and fragility of nails both purchased cosmetics, and house the strengthening structures can be used. So, as the purchased strengthening means special varnish with medical effect as a part of which there is calcium can be applied (it is applied on nail plates as basic layer). The effect of use of such strengthening means is noticeable after the first procedures.

Sea salt is rich with minerals therefore baths on its basis use for strengthening of the weakened nail plates. For their preparation on glass of water (its recommended temperature – 36 wasps - 37 wasps) 2.5-3 tablespoons of sea salt take. It is necessary to pay attention that sea salt should not contain fragrances and dyes. In ready solution lower hands for 13-15 minutes, then cover them with nutritious cream. If the procedure is performed before going to bed, for the night recommend to put on thin cotton gloves: it will strengthen process of penetration of useful substances into nail plates and skin. Treatment course lasts 2 weeks, at the same time procedures are performed every other day.

Quite often the reason of weakness and fragility of nails – yododefitsit in the spring. For completion of deficiency of this element and strengthening of nail plates recommend to apply on them iodine (cover only plates, it is impossible to apply on cuticle not to burn it). 4-5 hours later iodine will be absorbed by nail plates, and they will gain usual color. Duration of treatment depends on condition of nails: as a rule, it lasts 1.5-2 weeks.

Effective way to strengthen the weakened nails in the spring – to execute wax closing. For this purpose on water bath kindle small amount of beeswax and the massing movements rub it in nail plates. To enhance effect, it is possible to prepare curative mix from honey, olive or other vegetable oil and beeswax (ratio of components 1:1:1). Enter oil and when mix cools down up to 65 wasps - 70 wasps into the wax kindled on water bath, enrich structure with honey. Daily before going to bed this curative mix is rubbed in nail plates, and from above put on cotton gloves. After the first procedures the nails become stronger, cease to exfoliate and find beautiful gloss.

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