How to strengthen skin around eyes

How to strengthen skin around eyes

Skin around eyes extremely thin is also deprived of fat layer. For this reason in this place she grows old much quicker, these signs become more noticeable over time. Women should pay to zone around eyes special attention. And if it is correct to construct skin care, then it is possible to delay appearance of the first wrinkles for some time.

  • - camomile, fennel, sage or tea;
  • - moistening cream.

1. The correct care for it will strengthen skin. First of all is obligatory clarification of skin. It should not be aggressive. The make-up should be removed the cotton pads moistened in special demakiyazhny means. At the same time the upper eyelid is cleaned in the direction from nose bridge to temples, and lower – on the contrary. Movements have to be very easy not to stretch thin skin.

2. After that surely use the moisturizing or nutritious cream. Often mimic wrinkles appear from skin obezvozhzhenost. In that case there is no need to use the rejuvenating means. Will be good moisturizing mask and cream enough. It is impossible to use for eyes face cream as it contains those components which can irritate the gentle skin in this zone. Not to stretch skin, cream cannot be smeared. Apply it with the patting movements from temples to nose bridge.

3. Use cryomassage. Every morning wipe skin with ice pieces, moving on the same lines on which it is necessary to remove make-up. To add advantage of this procedure, do cosmetic ice of broths of herbs. It can be camomile, fennel, sage or tea.

4. Also strengthen skin alternation of cold and hot compresses. And if to add to water it is a little arnica, excellent means from dark circles will turn out.

5. To strengthen development in skin of collagen and elastane which create necessary "framework" the thermolifting will help. Thanks to influence of heat in skin exchange processes become active, fibroblasts begin to produce new collagen and elastane. The effect of the procedure remains up to two years.

6. Any cream will not be compared on action to cosmetology procedures, such as biorevitalization and mesotherapy. In the first case in skin drugs on the basis of gilauronovy acid which promote moistening of skin around eyes are injected. By means of mesotherapy it is possible to saturate skin different useful with substances. It can be solutions of vitamins, extracts from various plants. Thanks to pricks they are brought to those places where it is necessary.

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