How to strengthen the nails gel

How to strengthen the nails gel

The shortage of vitamins and calcium first of all is reflected in condition of nails. They become fragile and thin and also can exfoliate. One of ways of the solution of this problem – to strengthen the nails gel. Gel is absolutely harmless to nails and the procedure of drawing it on nails is simple performed by and takes about 25-35 minutes.

It is required to you

  • - manicure set
  • - set of nail files
  • - means for disinfecting of nails
  • - primer
  • - ultra-violet lamp
  • - gel
  • - brush for gel
  • - liquid for removal of sticky layer


1. Carefully wash up hands with water and soap. Wipe hands towel and still let's them dry out. Remove cuticle on each nail by means of special wooden stick (it will be better if the stick is made of orange tree). Remember that if you well will not remove cuticle, then it can lead to early peeling of gel.

2. Remove gloss from each nail by means of special nail file, moving it in one direction. Remove from each nail the remains of opil and dust by means of special brush.

3. Process nails of both hands special means for degreasing and removal of moisture from nails. This reception is used in order that there was no gel amotio. If the nail is affected with any infection, then it will be possible to strengthen the nails gel after absolute recovery.

4. Accurately apply primer on all surface of each nail of one and second hand, trying not to touch cuticle and skin around nail. The primer is liquid which provides the maximum coupling of gel for nail extension with nail plate.

5. Place one hand under special ultra-violet lamp and dry nails. Do the same also with other hand.

6. Thin layer distribute gel on all surface of nail plate of both hands, since the center of nail and ending it edges. You apply gel precisely on nail, hit of gel on cuticle or skin around nail can lead to material peeling.

7. Dry gel on nails of one hand by means of ultra-violet lamp. Repeat the procedure with nails of other hand.

8. Impregnate foam napkin with special liquid for removal of the sticky rest and remove sticky layer of gel from nails of hands. At such processing the nail has to be ideally smooth.

9. Wash up hands and carefully dry them. Apply special oil on cuticles and massage them.

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