How to struggle with dandruff

How to struggle with dandruff

According to the statistics, every third on our planet knows firsthand what is dandruff. More often dandruff happens at men, than at women. At young people more often than at people of advanced age. Before struggling with dandruff - this unpleasant chronic syndrome, it is necessary to understand, what is it and from where undertakes.

It is known that skin cells are constantly updated. In three weeks the head skin has already new, young cages. If skin scales begin to be exfoliated much more intensively, then we see the hair "powdered" by dandruff.

Responsible for this phenomenon – fungus by the name of M. Globosa which lives on skin of our head. Because of improper feeding, excess of the fat emitted by head skin or bad shampoo, this fungus can become active. In the course of its activity, oleic acid which causes irritation of skin and breaks regeneration processes is emitted.

For fight against dandruff there are many special cosmetic shampoos. Among them shampoos Seborin, Head end Shoulders, Londacare, Crisan which part zinc or tar and also shampoos created on the basis of extracts of medical plants usually are are most known: Shampooing Antipelliculaire, Swiss Formula, Anti-Schuppen. Such shampoos are intended for cleaning of channels of sebaceous glands and removal of irritation of skin, and are capable to struggle with dandruff at early stage of its emergence.

Medical shampoos from dandruff release not cosmetic, but pharmaceutical firms. These shampoos destroy fungus which is the cause of dandruff and also remove inflammation, the naggers and slow down process of dying off of cages. Apply them not constantly, and in the form of course of treatment, usually four-six weeks. From medical shampoos the dermatologists recommend: Nizoral Shampooing, Freederm Zinc, Dercos Shampooing, NodO D.S.

Recently shampoo of Dermazol Plus into which structure, besides antifungal and antibacterial medicines, the complex of compounds of zinc, ketokonazol and aloe enters has received excellent comments.

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