How to struggle with itch of the intimate place after shaving

How to struggle with itch of the intimate place after shaving

Shaving – the fastest and painless way of disposal of undesirable vegetation on body. However it has essential minus – many women after removal of hair in zone of bikini have irritation which is followed by reddening and itch.

The correct shaving – prevention of irritation

It is much simpler not to allow irritations, than then to fight against its consequences. Especially as it is not difficult to make it – enough only intelligently to approach the procedure. Before going to the bathroom, check that your razor was rather sharp, and you had not to drive several times it in the same place in attempts to remove all hairs.

If you prefer reusable machines, choose razors with three and more edges. Availability of the special moistening strip will also be plus. You have a shave with disposable machines – do not forget to change them regularly.

Take shower or bath. Steam out skin, remove from it dirt and allocations of sebaceous glands. Will be useful, having used soft srub, to make peeling to remove the keratosic particles and to take the grown hairs. After that apply shaving gel and start disposal of excess vegetation.

Instead of shaving gel it is possible to use soft shower gel, but did not wash.

It is desirable to shave off undesirable hairs through their growth. Of course, the result will be not so smooth as in case you delete vegetation in bikini zone in opposite direction, but also the irritation will not threaten you. After you have shaved hair, process leather antiseptic agent and apply the moisturizing cream. It has to be enough that the itch has not disturbed you.

How to struggle with irritation

If, despite all measures which you had taken on skin red specks have appeared, it itches and itches, you can facilitate the state. At the nagger of weak intensity lotions will help. Make mint, let's broth infuse within hour, cool. Moisten cotton pads in liquid and apply to affected areas. Within half an hour regularly change lotions. The irritation has to pass. For the lack of the house of mint it is possible to put ice which is also capable to kill pain for some time.

Do not put on synthetic underwear or too close shorts which will grate to you skin right after shaving.

If the affected skin has swelled, and the severe itch is not appeased, it is possible to pass to heavy artillery. Use drugs on hormonal basis. Grease bikini zone with hydrocortisone cream. This means has anti-inflammatory effect and works very quickly, however it cannot be abused. If the irritation after shaving at you occurs every time, perhaps, you should choose different way of removal of hair.

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