How to struggle with pimples of various look on face

How to struggle with pimples of various look on face

Pimples are consequence of the adverse factors breaking normal functioning of sebaceous glands. Therefore their elimination requires detection and treatment of the prime cause provoking the 7th emergence. Treatment of pimples is done in several stages: elimination of the reason of their emergence, suppression of activity of the bacteria provoking inflammation, normalization of functions of sebaceous glands and elimination of hems and spots.

If the reason – violation of hormonal background

It is necessary to struggle with pimples, considering to what look they belong. There are reasons "internal", the hormonal violations caused by age belong to them. Such pimples develop in the teenage period or with approach of menopause. In the first case the appearance of pimples is caused by sharp increase in grease secretion. Good results are yielded by complex treatment with use of the homeopathic remedies diluting grease secret and peelings on the basis of salicylic or glycolic acid. The internal pimples characteristic of this age treat by method of electrothermic coagulation, local antibiotiko- or ozonoterapiya. It is possible to use mechanical "cleaning" of sebaceous glands also. It will allow to provide access of medicines, but method of treatment of such pimples is not.

At adults the endocrine violations can also become the reason of appearance of pimples on the face. In it cases pimples, as a rule, are located mainly on face form and on cheeks, in those places where thin twisting sebaceous glands lie. Such pimples eliminate by means of peelings in combination with mesoimmunocorrection. It consists in microinjections of gialurony acid, vitamins and amino acids. Introduction to deep skin layers of these medicines stimulates immune processes, strengthens local exchange and blood circulation. Such treatment renders also the rejuvenating effect.

Vitamin A medicine – Roakkutan – will allow to reduce secretion of sebaceous glands and to get rid of eels, but it is necessary to accept it only under control and on doctor's orders.

How to treat the pimples caused by the "external" reasons

One of the most common "external" causes of appearance of pimples is improper feeding, especially abuse of sweets. If you take liking to sweet and farinaceous food, just try to limit them in the diet and, most likely, the condition of skin will improve also without any additional treatment.

In the presence on face of the active inflamed pimples the application of srubs and gommages is contraindicated not to injure skin and not to carry infection on its surface.

One more such reason – bad ecology, lack of fresh air. In this case try to leave more often on the nature or to walk at least in the evenings. Quite good results are also yielded by chemical peelings on the basis of salicylic acid. It has the disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. Also other types of peelings allow to gain good effect: on the basis of milk and fruit acids, retinolovy.

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