How to struggle with seasonal irritation on hands

How to struggle with seasonal irritation on hands

One of the main advantages of the woman is beautiful well-groomed skin of hands. Not difficultly to achieve it in warm season. It is promoted by sunlight in necessary quantity and also abundance of fruit and vegetables. Thus, the organism receives necessary vitamins. You will not tell it about colder times. There are several ways to maintain beauty and health of skin of hands, despite season.

It is a little simple to know how to struggle with the begun irritation of skin. Knowledge of because of what the skin suddenly can begin to be irritated will be not superfluous. It will allow to choose the best way of treatment and prevention.

Reasons of irritation of skin of hands

Allocate several major factors influencing organism:

- sharp temperature drop, cold air; - use of cosmetics which part the substances which are not corresponding to skin type are;

- clothes from synthetic or rough fabrics: sweaters, shirts, tunics; - the itch and reddening on hands can appear from behind improper feeding and the shortage of necessary vitamins.

Councils against seasonal irritation

If business concerns serious allergy, infection or chronic disease it is necessary to see specialized doctor and to receive medical treatment under its control. At easy form of dermatitis it will be simple to cope with house problem, having applied simple methods. The calming bath is the first that can be undertaken. For its preparation it is necessary to fill in one teaspoon of starch with 300 g of warm water. In this solution to take hands of 20-30 minutes. To do bath regularly. Prepare the softening mask. As it mix from porridge and olive oil will approach. Add about 5 drops of lemon juice and glitserol there. You apply on hands before disappearance of symptoms of irritation. That it is the most fruitful to prevent irritation on hands, it is possible to undertake the following: it is necessary to put thick layer of hand cream, to put on cotton gloves and to leave it to be absorbed till the morning.

Those which part glycerin and lanolin is are considered as one of the best creams.

To cope with itch on hands, it is possible to use powders from rice or potato starch.

After application of some options of treatment, it is necessary to monitor changes which happen carefully. If after long period the situation is aggravated or does not change, it is necessary to see doctor.

If skin rather gentle can also instantly react to irritation activators, it is necessary to adhere to usual prevention. First of all, to wash hands with soft water and only soft soap. Hands should be wiped dry and to grease regularly with the moisturizing cream. At low air temperature to watch that hands were in heat all the time.

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