How to struggle with the increased perspiration

How to struggle with the increased perspiration

The increased sweating – problem for many, especially in hot summer days. But some are forced to fight against it all the year round. To try to solve it it is possible, strengthening the autonomic nervous system – violations in its work force people to sweat plentifully.

Every day

  • Daily delete hairs in axillary hollows. For the night wipe armpits with apple cider vinegar, and wash up with soap in the morning. Acetic acid will protect you from unpleasant smell of sweat during the day.
  • With the increased sweating you apply gruel from baking soda on places, in 20 minutes wash away.
  • Practice douches by cold water, the contrast shower or rubdowns – it perfectly influences tone of vessels and strengthens nervous system.
  • The trained body sweats less therefore do not forget about daily physical exercises.
  • The baths with sea salt taken daily will help to reduce activity of sweat glands.

Twice a week

  • Take bath with broth of bark of oak or pine needles. Procedure duration – 15 minutes.
  • If there is such opportunity, swim more. In the flying it can be done in open reservoirs and during the whole year – in the pool.

As required

  • During the day wipe the sweating places with broth of oak bark – it has knitting and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is possible to apply water solution of vinegar to the same purposes (part vinegar in water in proportion 1:4).
  • In drugstore it is possible to get such means as burned alum, salicyl alcohol, solution of aluminum chloride or even children's powder.
  • Strongly sweating person can be wiped several times during the day with slice of fresh cucumber.
  • You should not be fond of antiperspirants: though these means are also effective for sweating reduction, they clog up pores that can cause inflammatory process.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team