How to style curly hair

How to style curly hair

Curly hair looks fantastically when correctly and are beautifully laid. In spite of the fact that types of such hair are different, all of them demand leaving, but means have to be selected individually. Wavy curls can be curling or curly, thin or have rather large volume. The secret of beautiful laying consists in following to several simple councils.


  1. Before hairstyle be convinced of good competence of the master. He has to be able to work with any type of hair. Besides, to learn what will be final version of hairstyle, curly hair needs to be cut dry.
  2. Wash the head more than 2 times a week as the curling and curly hair are inclined to dryness. That to recover them a little, use usual water and the spray.
  3. For the best laying it will be necessary to apply on even wet hair special means for moistening. Then let's hair dry up a little and do not touch them not to injure the turned-out curls.
  4. To style soft and fine hair, at first put means for moistening, and then special means for laying of curls. Allow hair to dry a little then accurately finally dry by means of the hair dryer. If locks strongly dry (especially the ends), use cream. Apply on hands and distribute on hair.
  5. The gel or cream which is specially developed to moisten a little more curls will be one more remarkable means which will approach the curly hair possessing curls of different type at the same time. Besides, it is important to pay attention to means which have property a little to straighten curls. Let's hair dry a little then, as well as in the previous cases, finally dry up phenom. It is important not to comb hair, and to allow curls to take natural form that will give to hairstyle esthetic freshness and luster.
  6. Hard and curly hair demands bigger moistening. It is necessary to wash them not more often than once a week and it is better not to use the hair dryer, and to allow them to dry independently. Whenever possible brush them as seldom as possible (only after acceptance of bathtub or shower). Refresh curls in the morning by means of the moistening funds which distribute hands on all length and let's dry out well. Remember that this type of hair is most subject to fragility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team