How to style curly hair

How to style curly hair

Curly hair - the real gift of the nature. However most of the girls having this wealth aim to straighten the disobedient curls by all means. Laying of curly hair demands skill and time. Besides, the majority of curly hair requires the correct care. As a rule, they often are fat at roots both extremely dry and splitting on tips. Thus, it is better to make heavier the ends of hair when laying a little, and to raise roots a little.

It is required to you

  • In order that curly hair looked naturally, you need a little skin for laying or hair cream and also wax.


  1. Wash up the head. Then slightly dry hair by means of towel. Further apply a little styling foam on curls. Do not use the hair dryer for drying at all and do not comb hair hairbrush. Otherwise they will be disobediently fluffy, and you risk to become similar to dandelion.
  2. Massage hair, raising them at roots a little. It will help to give volume to hairstyle. Now squeeze each curl in palm, forming it.
  3. After hair a little dry up, it is possible to apply on them a little hair cream. It is desirable not to fix them varnish, it is better primenyatspetsialny means for fixing of curly hair.
  4. In completion of laying apply a little wax on tips of hair to weight them and to give well-groomed look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team