How to style hair by means of hair curlers

How to style hair by means of hair curlers

Not all get volume magnificent curls by nature. Often owners of straight hair wish to change the hairstyle, and to reach the easiest way of it – to style hair by means of hair curlers.

It is required to you

  • - hair curlers of different diameter;
  • - styling sprays.


  1. Define what hairstyle you want to receive as a result. Additional volume can achieve by means of large hair curlers, and elastic curls are result of wave on hair curlers of smaller diameter. Before styling hair by means of hair curlers apply on locks means for laying.
  2. To raise hair at roots, twist hair on hair curlers horizontally. Delay lock of hair it is necessary forehead, wind on hair curlers and fix by means of hairpin or elastic band. Repeat operation with other locks, it is desirable that they were one size. It is possible to achieve desirable hairstyle when laying at alternation of the direction of hairdressing.
  3. The vertical way of wave of long hair on hair curlers will give as a result beautiful curls, but without radical volume. Separate lock at hair parting, wind on hair curlers and fix. Twist the following lock in opposite direction. Use at wave of hair curlers of different diameter, alternating them through row.
  4. Combine ways of wave: in the direction from forehead to skull base wind hair horizontally on large hair curlers, and over temples vertically on smaller. Then curls will fall from hair parting on both sides of the head. The hairdressing on diagonal will give wavy curls which will finally be created when laying.
  5. Dry hair in the natural way, for example, during sleep or use the hair dryer. Create locks the hands greased with gel or wax for laying if separate curls are necessary. For creation of volume comb hair and by means of round brush lay locks in the necessary directions.
  6. From curled curls if desired create the finished hairstyle by means of hairpins and hairpins. For this purpose collect hair in tail or fix by hairpins, having opened forehead and having raised hair up. Fix ready hairstyle by hairspray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team