How to style hair for New year

How to style hair for New year

Women impose set of requirements to New Year's hairstyle. It has to be interesting, considerably different from daily laying, at the same time romantic and in something magic, as well as New Year's Eve. At the same time the hairstyle has to be practical and – both dances, and games will be rather strong, and is closer to morning it will want is weakened to lean back on pillow, at the same time to remain beautiful.

It is required to you

  • - elastic bands;
  • - hairpins;
  • - bow.


  1. If you have long hair, you can lay them to the spit. Such hairstyle looks lovely and romantically, at the same time will long keep, and from it locks will not be beaten out. For this purpose in the beginning make hair parting, having divided at the same time hair into two parts. The hair parting can be made both in the middle, and sideways – everything depends on your desire.
  2. Laying is carried out in two stages: at first on one party, and then on another. At first comb hair on the left side towards nape. In front leave small lock – it will go from hair parting to temple. Overwind lock three times in the direction from the face and clamp the turned-out plait hand.
  3. Free hand take the following lock. It has to be under the first, to be with it approximately identical thickness and to go through the head to the person.
  4. Also overwind the second lock three times in the direction from the face and cross with the first so that the second lock has been passed under the first.
  5. Take both locks in the right hand and then, accurately holding them with fingers, again cross, divide and overwind both locks. Free hand take new lock, watching at the same time that already ready element of hairstyle has not broken up.
  6. Overwind new lock also, as well as previous. Then cross it with the lock lying under bottom. Connect the first and second lock together and repeat everything described in the previous step.
  7. Repeat the steps described earlier until the braid does not reach length necessary to you.
  8. After you doplet one party, fix the end of braid by means of elastic band and in precisely the same way style part of hair to the right of hair parting.
  9. Sprain the ends of braids inside and fix by means of hairpins – invisible beings. Then tie satin bow on hairstyle. Such hair dressing will not be disheveled, kind of you carried out New Year's Eve and what games played.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team