How to style hair independently

How to style hair independently

Women want to look unsurpassed in any situation. For this purpose it is necessary for them will learn to create the finished image without the assistance of stylists and hairdressers, and here the beginning to creation of image will be put by the hairstyle laid by the hands.


  1. It is necessary to style clean hair, at the same time having washed up the head, rinse them cool water.
  2. If the ends of hair dry, then during washing of the head shampoo you apply only on roots of hair, and apply the conditioner on the ends.
  3. Right after washing do not comb hair, and slightly dry them towel.
  4. Put means for laying, for example, skin or gel, since nape – so tips of hair will not stick together. For this purpose hang the head down and let hair down on which apply with the easy movements of palms laying means.
  5. Raise the head, slightly stirring up hair – so they will get volume.
  6. If it is necessary to give to curls accurate outlines, then mix a little curly hair balm with the serum giving shine on palm and process mix each lock, at the same time winding it on finger. Later dry up hair in the natural way and apply a little serum on unsuccessfully twirled sites.
  7. It is possible to give volume to curly hair, having washed up them before going to bed and having sprinkled laying means. Do not comb hair in the morning, and stack hands – so they will not be fluffy.
  8. Vmassiruyte in roots of slightly moist hair is a little mousse, later dry up their phenom, using brush of large diameter, and process tips of hair wax gloss.
  9. If it is necessary to give to hair smoothness, then apply the conditioner which is not demanding washing off on wet hair, comb and dry them a little. Later pound in palms of a little smoothing cream and distribute it on all length of head of hear, beginning from the level of ears in the direction down. Dry up hair phenom, using flat brush.
  10. Persons interested to give to hair easy negligence have to apply the modeling cream on hair and dry up them, raising fingers at roots of hair. Braid wet hair to the spit or twist them and pin up hairpin, later, having removed hairpin or having unplaited the hair, you receive easy negligent waves.
  11. For giving to head of hear of volume apply foam on roots or sprinkle moist hair liquid for laying. After that round brush, holding it vertically, wind locks about 10 cm wide and dry up their phenom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team