How to style hair more magnificently

How to style hair more magnificently

The thinning hair collected in liquid tail is capable to bring the woman to nervous breakdown. But what to do? We get hair by inheritance from parents and not to correct it. How to achieve that your hairstyle looked ideally?


  1. If you have fine and brittle hair, wash them as often as possible. At the same time use the special shampoos adding volume. Their range is rather various today. Simply, buying shampoo, pay attention, it is intended or not, for your type of hair. Do not buy shampoos two in one, they do hair heavier and force them to break up to locks.
  2. Use mousses and skins. Apply small amount of mousse on damp clean roots of hair. Take a little mousse on palm and rub them the friend about the friend. After that, smooth movements, distribute mousse at all length of hair. When you dry hair phenom, slightly shake up them, giving, thus, volume to your hairstyle. If you have no mousse, use gel of strong fixing.
  3. Make hairstyle steps. Visually such hairstyle considerably increases hairstyle volume.
  4. Resort to the help of professionals and make hair extension. Pay attention that, for successful building, length of your hair has to be not less than five centimeters. The attached hair can be carried up to six months.
  5. Make highlighting of hair. It gives to hair additional volume. Also the hairstyle more alive looks. Especially well highlighting looks on dark hair.
  6. At hair dressing phenom use special slips which help to do hair more magnificently. After you have dried up hair phenom, do not hurry to begin laying. Let's hair cool down. Then they will look more magnificent.
  7. For giving of splendor to hair use the hair dryer, but carry out laying not hot, but warm air. The hair dryer at the same time you keep at arm's length about 15 cm. Also, using the hair dryer, you can delay hand of lock of hair up. At roots of hair put fixer, dry hair. This reception also adds splendor to fine hair.
  8. Change location of hair parting. If you have got used to carry parting in the middle, make it sideways. Hair unaccustomed to such situation will look much more magnificent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team