How to style hair nippers

How to style hair nippers

Modern ways of laying allow to give to hair the most various forms. Hot laying to that not exception. One of the most difficult processes work with nippers is considered here. It is preferable to use them when there is a wish to try something new or there are reasons not to do at present chemical wave.


  1. The equipment of hairdressing consists in the following. Divide dry hair into four parts (lower, upper and two side). Begin with back rows. You hold nippers in the right hand, hairbrush - in left. Lift narrow, small lock and, holding it with hairbrush, widely open nippers. Capture by them lock, at this trench of nippers arrange from below. At each their turn, opening and closing them, study tips of hair in order that they were not broken.
  2. In the necessary place close nippers. They have to be in horizontal position always. So, serially, wind locks one for another spirals on core of nippers. Take some time, and then carefully unwind and cool. You do not slide nippers on hair. Their movements have to be continuous and constant.
  3. Depending on the direction of wave of hair (right-hand or left-side), reject hair hairbrush to the right or on the left. Move the closed nippers in one party, at the same time doing by hairbrush the movement in opposite direction. At the same time hair should not stretch, move away or approach electronippers. If to conduct brush truly, it has to outline ideal arch of wave.
  4. Apply a little gel on fingers and give to curls the form of spirals. It is possible to comb locks comb with small teeths.
  5. Also curls can be done under bottom, winding at the same time hair on itself. This reception is carried out similarly, as well as previous, only the trench of nippers will be above.
  6. Kind of hot laying is the combination of waves to curls. In this case hair are wound from roots to tips. Take the left hand lock of hair, and apply nippers directly at the head, holding them leaky closed. Send to the trench up. Circle with free hand around core of nippers the end of lock and take it 3-5 seconds. Upon termination of price markup take out nippers from curl, easily rotating them. The combed curls take form of natural wave. It is necessary to carry out such laying very carefully since unsuccessful work cannot almost be redone.
  7. It is very practical and beautifully the hairstyles created by means of nippers on shortly short-haired hair look. At the same time hair dressing carry out with price markup them in horizontal curls. On completion of work comb hair brush. It is more preferable to use electronippers with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm here.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team