How to style hair phenom

How to style hair phenom

The hair dryer - the universal device which helps to do beautiful laying and hairstyles. It facilitates life of modern girls, allowing to dry up and put in order hair quickly.

It is required to you

  • Round hairbrush, thermoprotective spray, mousse or skin, hairspray.


  1. That after laying phenom hair remained healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to follow several rules. Girls have to remember that it is impossible to dry phenom very wet hair. After washing they should be wrapped towel that excess moisture was absorbed. Further it is necessary to wait until curls a little dry out. Wet hair very brittle therefore it is necessary to be more careful.
  2. To protect hair from overheating and to remove static stress special spray will help. It needs to be applied in small amount on hair before laying. It is possible to give to hair the desirable form means for laying: mousse, skin, spray, gel. It is the best of all to give preference to spray because it gets into structure of hair quicker and does it obedient.
  3. At first it is necessary to dry long hair a little. For this purpose it is necessary to hang the head down, at the same time to comb and blow warm air in the hanging-down locks from roots to tips. After such simple manipulation the hair will be more volume at roots.
  4. That the hairstyle has turned out accurate, it is necessary to dry each lock separately. It is the best of all to begin with the lower hair and to rise gradually to the top. Special clothespegs or hairpins will help to divide hair. It is necessary to carry out phenom on lock from top to down. Then scales of hair will be closed, and the hairstyle will better look. For laying it is recommended to choose warm or cool air. From hot the hair become brittle and dim.
  5. For giving of volume to hair it is necessary to use round hairbrush. On it it is necessary to wind lock and it is good to dry. It is better to direct current of air from above. On the contrary to straighten hair, it is necessary to take locks and to pull down. To pay special attention to tips that they did not twist.
  6. The phenom is not recommended to style every day hair. From overheating and friction they break, split, lose the beauty and healthy look. At least once in week it is necessary to allow hair to dry naturally. That the hairstyle has remained for all day and was not disheveled, it should be recorded varnish. Modern means do not make heavier hair, but at the same time reliably fix them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team