How to style hair phenom with brush

How to style hair phenom with brush

The hair dryer is simply necessary in house conditions. It allows to dry up hair for short period, to give them the form and volume. For this purpose it is the best of all to choose the device with three temperature conditions: high - for preliminary drying, average - for laying and air without heating - for cooling of the laid locks.

It is required to you

  • The hair dryer with brush, hair shampoo, laying means, fixer.


  1. Wash up the head shampoo for your type of hair. Then dry up their phenom to moist state.
  2. If you have long hair, then bend the head forward, having given them down. Then, blowing in phenom, comb hair brush against their growth - behind forward. When they become moist, raise the head, put a little laying means on all length. Also give to hair by means of the hair dryer the final form. For this purpose it is necessary circular motions of the hair dryer, to slightly raise them at roots and to dry up. Thus you will give volume to hair.
  3. And if you the owner of short hair, then at first comb them. Then put laying means (mousse or skin), and then already bend the head and give to hair volume. For this purpose comb hair against their growth. After that raise the head and style hair brush. At the same time raise them at roots, enshrining in the necessary provision.
  4. The hair dryer needs to be held so that air blew from roots of hair by the ends. Only then the structure of hair is not broken and they gain gloss.
  5. At first dry each lock warm air, and then to obduyta - cold before full drying.
  6. In end that the hairstyle kept, it is necessary to apply fixer on hair. If you have bang, then raise it brush, with scatter varnish at roots and give the form, the tightening-up movement.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team