How to style hair stayler

How to style hair stayler

At first sight can seem that the iron or stayler it is possible to straighten hair ideally only. Actually, laying options with stayler more than are enough. It is possible not only to straighten hair by means of the iron, but also to twist in small or large curls and to do spiral curls. In a word, stayler - universal remedy which has already very long time ago replaced curling tongs of hair. It was necessary only to seize its simple equipment.


  1. Wash the head and let's it dry up slightly independently. At this time do not comb hair, do not touch and do not use any laying or looking after means.
  2. After hair have a little dried up, apply on them the thermoprotectant, having created, thus, imperceptible film on hair which will protect them from further damages.
  3. Then comb hair on all length hairbrush with rare teeths, and it is desirable that it was from tree or any other natural material.
  4. Now you can dry up hair phenom, inclining the head down and directing hot air of the hair dryer from roots to the tips.
  5. When hair became absolutely dry, direct and volume, include stayler. If you have decided to straighten hair, then, using several clips, pin up hair on the top, having left several locks from below. Take small lock, arrange it between hot nippers of stayler and conduct him from top to down on hair. Do the same with other hair, gradually releasing them from the fixed bunch at the top. It will allow to straighten all hair evenly.
  6. If you want to wind hair by means of stayler, then it is also necessary for you, using clips, to fix hair above, and, beginning from below, to record lock between nippers and to twist slowly stayler around lock from the middle or from the roots - depends on how you want your curls to look. The form of curls can be different - watching under what inclination of stayler you wind hair. If you hold the iron parallel to floor, then curls will be strong and round. If the stayler is perpendicular to floor, then curls will be spiral form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team