How to style hair to men

How to style hair to men

Hair dressing is not only female prerogative. By means of competent laying it is possible to decorate also men's hairstyle. There are different types of men's laying which are mainly concerning short men's hairstyles. Despite styles, the short hairstyle at men does not lose the relevance, and it is possible to lay hair stylish and beautifully.


  1. For men's laying use the hairdresser's iron and wax. Beautifully laying in which locks are textured looks, and the forehead remains closed by long uncombed bang. In order that any laying on male hair looked beautifully and accurately, hair have to be clean, well-groomed and healthy.
  2. Simple laying in which hair are accurately combed by hairbrush back will be suitable for hair of average length, and then are fixed by gel for laying. The similar hairstyle will suit the man in any situation – both in study, and at friendly party. If you want to make the image informal, it is enough to comb hair and to shake up them hands to receive magnificent hairstyle.
  3. If the man wears the hair long, the horse tail tied on nape will be the best option of daily hairstyle for it. Process tail skin or mousse for laying that it was accurate.
  4. The choice of laying can be dictated by lifestyle of the man – for example if you lead active city life, you will suit sports laying and if you seriously are engaged in business and you meet business partners, you should choose classics. Creative laying suits creative men, focusing attention to their non-standards and originality.
  5. Whatever style of hairstyle and laying you have chosen, it is recommended to use special means for laying by means of which the hairstyle for a long time will keep the form, and hair will look more well-groomed and tidy. Besides, special mousses and gels are capable to give to hair additional volume. To make laying is more volume, use flat or round brush and the hair dryer.
  6. Round brush lay tips of long hair that they looked in one party. By means of flat hairbrush set to hair the necessary direction and give them the necessary volume, and then process hairstyle means for laying and comb hair by means of fingers.
  7. For fast and effective laying use modern gels of strong fixing – you will be able to make such laying in only a few minutes, and it will give you modern and unusual look. Apply small amount of gel on palm and distribute on all length of moist hair, and then create hairbrush or hands the direction of laying. Comb hair in any direction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team