How to style hair waves

How to style hair waves

For a long time curls and curls decorate female hair, and today curls are the same relevant hairstyle, as well as many years ago. It is possible to lay beautiful curls in different ways – by means of chemical wave, temporary laying, the hair dryer, mousse or gel, round brush, hair curlers, curling tongs, and many other. It is possible to use all these methods depending on what result you want to receive and how long it has to be.


  1. To lay hair beautiful waves, apply skin fixer on the moist washed-up hair, and then wind rather narrow locks on hair curlers, gradually taking away all hair in laying. Dry hair on hair curlers the powerful hair dryer, or wait for full drying under natural conditions, at the room temperature.
  2. When hair dry, remove hair curlers and comb hair hairbrush with rare teeths. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish to give it the form.
  3. Besides, popular way of wave in house conditions are thermonippers with different nozzles. There are nippers with equal plates allowing both to straighten, and to twist hair and also there are nippers with plates with relief – in this case you will be able to give to hair light zigzag structure.
  4. Conveniently for hairdressing to use the curling iron from quality heat-resistant materials. Twist well washed up and dried up hair. Apply on them thermoprotective balm or mousse. Reel up hair on nippers, taking small locks, and hold each lock in nippers no more than 10 seconds.
  5. Do not comb heated hair – wait until locks cool down. After full cooling comb hair hairbrush with rare teeths, and do not apply this way of wave too often not to injure hair.
  6. Also you can easily and quickly create accurate curls, reeling up moist hair on round brush and drying spin phenom. Process hair means for laying and give them the form hands.
  7. It is undesirable to comb ready laying – it can break its form. If you need to correct hairstyle, do it by hands not to injure the created curls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team