How to style long hair

How to style long hair

Length of hair is luxury and wealth of each woman. Long hair make the woman more attractive and womanly. There is remarkable option on hair dressing in house conditions. Generally it is possible to tell at minimum of means we will achieve result which will please not only your eyes, but also people around. Looking on models from podiums we fade at the sight of such luxury on their head.

It is required to you

  • Curling tongs, crest, hairbrush with rare teeths, wax, gel or varnish for laying.


  1. It is necessary to collect all hair back and to begin work from the face: use crest with the long handle for division of hair into small locks, after that well comb each lock hairbrush and wind on nippers. The curl of hair is thinner the less the ring will turn out. If you want to receive larger curls it is necessary to make lock of thicker size.
  2. You have to keep core of nippers in hair about 10 seconds (no more), after that accurately pull out nippers and let's curl cool down. It is necessary to do this work with each lock to nape. You look behind the work course that all locks were the identical size and are laid in one order.
  3. After the done work comb hair hairbrush with rare teeths. Accurately apply wax on tips of hair, thanks to it curls will become picturesque and the effect will keep about two days. For more accurate fixing the work should be fixed by varnish or gel of industrial production.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team