How to style male hair

How to style male hair

Men's laying – important element of shape of the man which often neglect. Nevertheless, it is correct to style hair each man as by means of laying it is possible to change cardinally the image has to be able, creating the hairstyles suitable for business meetings, the working atmosphere, friendly holiday or club party. To style hair not so difficult, especially in case of short men's hairstyle.


  1. Today the laying imitating naturally and freely lying hair is considered the most fashionable. It is very easy to style hair of average length so that to create light effect of negligence – such effect looks very stylish.
  2. Also do not lose relevance of laying in which hair are smoothly combed back. For creation of such hairstyle use hairbrush and gel for laying. Apply couple of drops of gel with palms on hair on all length, smoothing them from forehead to nape.
  3. More easy the negligent hairstyle for which creation it is necessary to take small amount of wax looks, to apply it on hair and to comb them back, aiming to keep volume at the same time. Such hairstyle will be suitable both for day off, and for the working day.
  4. Also you can execute simple laying on parting at the side, carrying out it from the left or right side. Divide hair so that the right and left part were asymmetrical, and then smooth both parts of hair from top to down, having applied small amount of wax on palms. Sprinkle hair brilliant spray for laying.
  5. Styling hair, it is not obligatory to comb them back – you can also comb hair forward that they closed forehead and eyebrows. Wash up the head and comb hair towards forehead, and then if desired make bang a little fragmentary, having processed separate locks gel. Such hairstyle will make you younger and will emphasize your style.
  6. If you need refined aristocratic hairstyle, you can style hair with small curls which meet not only in women's, but also in men's hairstyles. Divide hair parting at the side, and then at will twirl several locks hot nippers. Record curls varnish or gel.
  7. One of the most fashionable hairstyles can call the hairstyle imitating artistic mess on the head today. Wash up the head, dry up hair phenom and shake up them in any direction, combing locks in different directions. You can direct hair on one side or forward and even up, and to record result gel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team