How to sunbathe in sunbed it is correct

How to sunbathe in sunbed it is correct

It is possible to receive beautiful, equal shade of skin of golden color not only under direct beams of the sun. Often in it lamps for suntan help with sunbed. Thus, it is possible to find golden color for a short time, without making for it special efforts. Nevertheless, to protect skin blankets from burn and excessive ultra-violet influence, it is necessary to meet number of conditions.


  1. First, for obtaining beautiful and healthy suntan it is necessary to observe optimum time interval. The first visit of sunbed should not exceed 5-8 minutes.
  2. Before the procedure of suntan it is necessary to close hair scarf or hat that not to overdry, put on them special glasses with the lenses protecting retina of eyes.
  3. It is necessary to process face skin and bodies cream. It can be the moisturizing cream, suntan preparation or cream-bronzator which many times increases influence of sunbed and reduces need of its visit by several sessions.
  4. It is desirable not to adopt before visit of sunbed water procedures with soap use. It is also necessary to remove make-up from face skin.
  5. On the eve of the procedure it is not recommended to take any medicine, and here liquid can be drunk in unlimited number.
  6. After 30 flyings it is desirable not to be bared completely and to carefully preserve breast against suntan. Excessive impact of ultraviolet on chest glands attracts risk of developing of many diseases, including oncological.
  7. Having left sunbed, it is necessary to sit down for some time or to lie down and to have a rest quietly in silence of minutes 15-20.
  8. It is important to know that the sunbed is shown at lack of sunshine during the winter and spring period. Besides, as a result of this procedure, pores on face are narrowed, the vernal type of skin improves, it is applied in complex therapy at treatment of psoriasis and other similar diseases. There are also contraindications to application of sunbed. For example, pregnancy, dermatitis, feeding by breast, etc. It is necessary to remember that it is possible to visit sunbed not more often than 1-2 times a year, through each 5-6 sessions to do time interval (10-14 days).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team