How to sunbathe more feasibly

How to sunbathe more feasibly

Distinct suntan in many respects serves as indicator of image and prestige, it is important in various fields of activity - from acting skills, before everyday life. Various cosmetic and homeopathic remedies are applied to strengthening of suntan.


1. Use "developers". At initial stages of suntan you should resort to so-called "developers". Their application allows to see effect of suntan later short period of time. It occurs due to availability in them certain combinations of natural components or to the increased vitamin E content.

2. To make your suntan more effective, buy special "activators". Various suntan preparations containing number of oils and other substances capable to emphasize the results which are already achieved by you belong to them. Also if you visit sunbed, you should buy the "activators" with tingl-effect creating feeling of the easy tingling of skin very similar to feeling at suntan under the sun. Besides, the result from use of "activators" with tingl-effect is shown already during suntan.

3. If you want to change shade of own suntan to the taste, buy "bronzator". Thanks to special substances, "bronzator" allocate skin with characteristic bronze shade. For the correct application of "bronzator" you should apply it to skin prior to the sunbed session.

4. On the termination of all course of suntan, with the purpose to keep the gained effect, use "fixers". They keep the received shade for very long term. If desired you can continue suntan course after use of "fixers" - it will allow to make the available shade more expressive.

5. Address natural means. Put emphasis on the foodstuff and vitamin complexes containing vitamins A and E. Eat tomatoes, apricots, milk, beef liver, butter. Also you can make face pack of tomatoes and other components, it will allow to keep effect of suntan till the winter. Begin to wash poorly brewing tea or to wipe face with in advance frozen coffee. It will allow not only to keep suntan, but also to soften face skin. If you have a rest at the sea, consider that salty sea water also accompanies suntan strengthening.

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