How to sunbathe to light skin

How to sunbathe to light skin

With approach of beach season the beautiful and equal suntan becomes cherished dream of people with light skin. In pursuit of fast suntan many begin to bask for hours in the sun, receiving only reddenings, burns and the increased skin pigmentation. And someone, having convinced that light skin cannot sunbathe, gives up all attempts and gives preference to the clothes which are most closing body. Meanwhile, it is possible to receive golden or beige suntan if to sunbathe regularly and gradually.


1. Before acceptance of solar bathtubs complete suntan course in sunbed from 6-8 procedures. Suntan in sunbed is safer for skin, than in the sun because lamps do not contain harmful UV rays of type C. You will be able to prepare the skin for stronger influence of sunshine. Depending on the power of lamps suntan time in sunbed will be from 2 to 15 minutes. It is not recommended to sunbathe more than 15 minutes to people with light skin. Begin procedures of suntan always with the minimum time and gradually increase it from session to session. In week host 2-3 sessions, interval between them – 2 days. Surely use specialized cosmetics for sunbed: before session – suntan activators for sensitive and light skin, after the session – suntan fixers. Cosmetics with bronzator and tringl-effect are not recommended to light skin.

2. Sunbathe in the sun 3–5 times a week 10-15 minutes, in the morning till 11 o'clock or in the afternoon after 16 hours. In the first two weeks of acceptance of solar bathtubs apply cream with SPF 15-30. You apply cream in 30 minutes prior to emergence on the sun. After your skin gets used to the sun, use oil for suntan. Oil strengthens action of sunshine therefore longer than 30 minutes with it it is not desirable for light people to sunbathe face. Protect wide-brimmed hat or baseball cap.

3. If you have too white and sensitive skin which at the slightest stay in the sun becomes covered by freckles and pigmental spots, use autosuntan. Modern autosuntan will help to receive quickly and safely beautiful shade of skin, at the same time looking after it. Autosuntan is shown within 1-5 hours and sticks to from 3 to 10 days. For use in house conditions it is better to choose autosuntan in the form of spray. It is put easily and evenly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team