How to sunbathe with white skin

How to sunbathe with white skin

for people with light type of skin, especially white, has some features. Such skin is more sensitive to ultraviolet rays, pigmentation under influence of the sun happens quicker. Not to burn and keep the skin of healthy, it is necessary to follow certain rules of acceptance of solar bathtubs.


  1. If you have white skin, then you are not recommended to sunbathe under direct sunshine, it is better to acquire tan in small tenk.
  2. Try to sunbathe in half-shade till 11:00 o'clock in the morning and after 16:00 hours after lunch.
  3. Surely put on headdress: hat with wide floors, easy print scarf of light shades. And also do not forget to take sunglasses.
  4. Try to put on light print clothes, well covering shoulders and hands.
  5. You apply to skin sunblock cream with high rate of SPF (indicator of intensity of protection against sunshine). Use sunblock cream with the SPF index from 15 and above.
  6. If you the owner of the white skin which is intensively covered with freckles of various pigmentation, then use of sunblock cream is necessary for you doubly! As your skin is rather subject to obgoraniye. In case of excessive stay in the sun without use of special cream it will gain not suntan, but red coloring. And in many cases and burn that is very dangerous to such skin.
  7. You apply to skin cream in 30 minutes prior to exit to solar places as he begins to act after 20 minutes from drawing time.
  8. Try to sunbathe consistently, gradually prolonging suntan time every day for 3-5 minutes. Remember that the maximum time of purposeful obtaining suntan for people with white skin should not exceed 20-30 minutes a day!
  9. Eat the products containing significant amount of vitamins C and And. These vitamins promote acquisition by skin of beautiful equal suntan.
  10. If it is not recommended to you to sunbathe doctors, then use creams for autosuntan. Thanks to their use, skin gains uniform suntan without causing damage to your health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team