How to sunbathe without freckles

How to sunbathe without freckles

It is a lot of white-skinned people whose face is covered with freckles. Their skin is very sensitive to sunshine. And even the quarter of hour which is carried out by them in the open air under the scorching sun, it appears enough to burn, not to mention manifestation of scattering of pigmental specks. Of course, owners of this kind of skin want to sunbathe a little at least too. And vitamin D which is formed under the influence of the sun is necessary for organism. But whether it is possible and how at the same time to make freckles imperceptible?


  1. If you have very light skin of so-called Celtic type, then, unfortunately, equal solar suntan not for you. Whatever means you used, you do not receive bronze skin color, will redden all the same, and freckles will become more noticeable. Therefore it is better – to wear for you the free, light clothes protecting from direct sunshine of hand and leg and wide-brimmed hat which covers face. In the afternoon, when the sun in zenith, you in general should not come to the beach or to wander about the street.
  2. But died these insufficiently. Surely use sun-protection cosmetics which has the maximum level of protection. Only it will help you to gain easy suntan without increase in number of freckles.
  3. Choosing such cosmetics, pay attention to markings. On bottle or tube with cream it has to be specified: SPF (sun protection factor) – degree of protection against the sun and figure. 2 – detains half of sunlight, 10 – up to 90%, 25 – 96%, 50 – 98% of radiation. The more protection, the it is better for your skin, especially in the first days of stay in the sun.
  4. Besides, when choosing cream from suntan pay attention to availability of mark of UVA-UVB - it is protection against harmful ultraviolet rays of two types – alpha and beta. Remember that to use cream or oil for suntan it is impossible for you since you burn down instantly.
  5. If you want to have easy pleasant suntan without pronounced freckles, prepare for flying in advance. Enter apples, green onions, currant juice, sauerkraut, dogrose into the diet. As a part of these food there are certain acids and vitamins which reduce sensitivity of skin to dangerous sunlight. Try to have glass of milk or kefir also every day.
  6. When you go to the street, do not wash with soap and the more so do not wipe face with lotions with the alcohol content, toilet water or cologne. These means destroy protective layer of skin and do it very sensitive to the sun. In this case the ugly, sharply allocated freckles looking as dark stains are provided to you.
  7. It is possible to try to make house cream from suntan. For this purpose take 50 g of coffee beans (green, without frying and aromatization), process them in the coffee grinder and mix from 100 ml of nut oil of cold extraction. Place this mix in bank, cover and heat on water bath (without bringing to boiling, otherwise you will spoil everything). Remove from fire and cool in cold water. At the end put mix for the night to the dark place. After that miss the turned-out cream through sieve to remove particles of grains. This means should be used for half an hour to exit to the street. But it is stored only three days.
  8. Remember that to use the bleaching means against freckles, and then it is strictly forbidden to sunbathe since after them skin becomes very sensitive to ultraviolet.
  9. It is possible to get feeling of easy suntan without freckles, at all without tormenting itself with tests by the sun or sunbed. Buy powder with effect of suntan and apply it on cheekbones, forehead and nose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team