How to sunbathe without harm

How to sunbathe without harm

of us wait for warm summer days to relax after work and long winter months. Someone all family goes to the resort to the sea, to boarding house or to personal plot near the small river. Where you have gone, everywhere it is possible to have a rest, sunbathe and bathe perfectly. Only it is necessary to sunbathe correctly not to do itself harm.

There are several small councils how to gain beautiful suntan with advantage for health.

The best time for suntan

This basic rule which needs to be observed. Any doctor will tell you that the best time for acceptance of solar bathtubs is the morning period till 11-12 and also afternoon from 16 o'clock. In the heat of summer heat it is worth staying indoors, but at all not to be under the scorching beams of the sun. Otherwise you risk to get burns. Also from long stay in the sun women's skin grows old quicker, and there are wrinkles that is caused by surplus of ultraviolet. Surely you remember it and choose the safest time for suntan.

Sun-protection means

To protect the skin from the sun, it is necessary to use means of protection. But they need to be chosen correctly for themselves, and then you will be able to stay long time in the sun. Today in shops wide choice of such means is provided:

 - cream with protection indicator by nature will be suitable till 10-15 for owners of swarty skin;

- la of those, whose skin is light, indicator has to be higher – from 15 to 25;

- if your skin very quickly burns down, then degree of protection has to be from 30 to 50.

Sunblock cream is applied to skin in 20 minutes before exit to the beach. If you not only sunbathe, but also to float, do not forget that beams get on 1.5 meter depth. Use means with water-repellent properties or you apply cream after each bathing.

After stay in the sun it is necessary to moisturize the skin without fail. For a start it is necessary to take cool shower, and then to use or special means after suntan, or any nutritious cream.

During stay in the sun do not forget to use as much as possible water or juice.

Following this advice, you will gain beautiful suntan without any harm for organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team