How to take away bang sideways

How to take away bang sideways

If you like to change, do often different hair, then can be useful to you several interesting ways allowing to lay beautifully bang sideways. Today to you can want to look the approximate employee or the student with smoothly combed hair and strict hairstyle, and tomorrow — the romantic young lady with wavy bang at forehead.

Preparation for laying of bang

If you want to bare forehead, but at the same time not to open it completely, then it is the best of all to take away originally bang sideways. For this purpose you will need the following tools:

- round massage hairbrush and crest; - hoop, elastic bands and hairpins;

- gel/mousse, varnish for hair dressing.

Remember that hair have to be clean. The stale bang is sideways capable to spoil all impression even if many forces have been spent for creation of hairstyle. If you have no time for washing of hair, before laying use dry shampoo for bang or at least rinse it with water from the washbasin. Then dry up lock at forehead, using the hair dryer.

Before laying bang sideways, decide what it will be - smooth or magnificent. If the first option is more interesting to you, it will be necessary to moisten with gel lock on all length, and after laying if it is necessary, in addition to sprinkle it varnish. If you want to make it magnificent, raise bang at roots better, and then fix varnish.

Options of laying of long bang sideways

The bang is longer, the options of its laying are more various. Each of them allows to change your appearance considerably. First, you can just pin up lock, having combed it sideways. Variety consists in degree of openness of forehead and also in appearance of decorative hairpin. If you want to look very modestly and at the same time wish that the lock at forehead did not disturb during study or work, comb lock highly sideways and pin up it the invisible being. At application of original hairpins it is possible even to give to bang festive look, and to the image - coquetry and grace. Leave hairstyle magnificent, and lock take aside only slightly, having pinned up it stylish accessory. The hairstyle with hoop in style back in the 60th will become interesting option also. Make hair voluminous, accurately comb their bulk back, and bang — sideways. That it was not disheveled, can fix it by small hairpin for a while. Then put on from above hairstyle hoop. At the same time you watch that the bang remained on the place. And one more small cunning: the end of lock can be got for hoop. Besides, you can just braid bang on forehead to the spit then to lay it in the lump of hair. Similar hairstyles turn out very effective.

How to take away short bang sideways

There are several different ways allowing to lay beautifully sideways short bang. Take small hairpin and remove with its help lock towards one of temples. However be ready that your appearance will be a little naughty and playful as hair will strive to fall to you on forehead all the time. Very stylish and elegantly the so-called Marseilles wave on short hair looks. Such laying is especially well combined with the corresponding clothes style - vintage or retro. It is possible to make it by means of the curling iron or the iron for hair. For this purpose it is necessary to connect carefully bang to the bulk of hair, then the lock will begin to look the beginning of wavy curl on all to length. After creation of effect of the Marseilles wave do not forget to use laying means to record the turned-out hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team