How to take away body hair forever

How to take away body hair forever

Many women are regularly forced to depilate undesirable body. This procedure takes away time and is followed by painful feelings. The modern cosmetology can solve the help this problem. There are ways allowing to get rid of body hair forever.

1. Address to beauty shop for carrying out epilation. It destroys hair bulbs and growth of hair stops. Depending on your wishes and financial opportunities, different types of epilation will be offered you.

2. The electroepilation destroys hair bulb by current of high frequency. Under its action in fabrics the concentration of ions which is perniciously operating on hair is created. Before the procedure the cosmetologist will enter to you lidocaine for anesthesia. Then by means of thin needles it will pierce skin about each hair and to give current on needle. The procedure will take 20-40 minutes, depending on the area of the processed site. After it there can be small dot burns which then will turn into imperceptible scars.

3. If you prefer noninvasive methods removal of hair, then stop on photoepilation. It destroys hair follicles by the light energy absorbed by hair pigments. In 2-3 days prior to photoepilation do not depilate, their length has to be not less than 1 mm. During the procedure the cosmetologist will drive on skin the manipulator with the tip radiating light. You will not feel anything, except heat. For several procedures the hair will drop out completely.

4. If you have on body fair hair, then choose laser epilation. The procedure is similar to photoepilation, the difference is only that she allows to depilate any thickness and any color. For full disposal of hair you will need 6-7 procedures. After laser epilation use sun-protection means and avoid direct sunshine, otherwise on skin there will be pigmental spots.

5. Elos the epilation will suit you in case you want to get rid of hair as soon as possible and possess sufficient funds since the cost of this procedure is higher, than previous. Before the procedure the cosmetologist will apply the carrying-out gel to skin. Then it will irradiate skin with light flashes under the influence of which hair follicles will collapse. Elos the epilation is not followed by unpleasant feelings. Duration of session is 30-40 minutes. For 3-4 visits of the cosmetologist you will get rid of undesirable hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team