How to take away bulldog's cheeks

How to take away bulldog's cheeks

Women always want to have well-groomed, beautiful face. Wish that skin always remained healthy, shining and equal that there were no bags under eyes, the drooped eyelids and ""bulldog's"" cheeks. However with age in structure of skin there is number of certain changes which affects appearance of the woman not in the best way.


1. To take away ""bulldog's"" cheeks, try to carry out set of exercises for the person. Doctors call its feysbuilding. Its action is directed to returning to mimic muscles, and also skin of cheeks former elasticity. The earlier you will begin to carry out gymnastics, the effect of it will be more noticeable.

2. Begin performance of exercises with upper part of the drooped cheeks. - Gather as much as possible air that your cheeks were inflated in mouth. Approximately for 5-10 seconds hold the breath, then sharply relax and exhale. - Again blow out cheeks, but this time drive air to the right-to the left, up-down, and it is possible and around. - Try to blow air pushes, through small shchelochka between lips. Then do it alternately through different corners of lips. - Put on the person of palm. And fingers have to be on cheeks, and the middle of palm - on lips. Now try to smile, at the same time showing resistance fingers. After each smile for some time relax. Repeat all above exercises till 10-15 times.

3. Now pass to strengthening of the lower part of cheeks: - Impose lower lip on upper, and then on the contrary. - Slightly open mouth. Extend neck as it is possible stronger and you will expose lower lip forward, kind of directing it to nose. After that relax. - Extend forward as it is possible stronger your lips. It is possible even to put for strengthening of effect them tubule. Pochmokayte.

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