How to take away ""ears"" on waist

How to take away ""ears"" on waist

Excess weight is postponed differently, the female figure on proportions can be any. But there are most problem places with which the discomfort is felt by many. Extra kilos around riding breeches is not rarity. "Ears" on hips or waist are formed imperceptibly, each woman aims to take away them.


1. Weight loss on any part of the body begins with diet. It is necessary to limit quantity food which comes to organism. It is for this purpose better to pick up specialized diet. Experts praise proteinaceous diet, buckwheat, on blood type. But the choice remains for you. It is necessary to adhere to certain power supply system that the organism received only necessary substances without surplus. It leads to the general weight loss, and not just retracting specific places.

2. It is necessary to pick up special set of exercises for improvement of figure. Optimum will be to develop 2 complexes — the first for all groups of muscles. It will bring organism into tone, will fill with energy, muscle bulk will begin to be formed. The second — directed to weight loss of problem zones. Pick up exercises which remove extra kilos on waist and hips. Performance of all loadings within, at least, 30 minutes a day, in month will yield results.

3. For retracting "ears" it is possible to use the remarkable exercise machine — hulakhup. Or hoop as call it in the people. At the moment on counters shops I exist variations multisection with thorns and without. Each section can separately be filled with weighting compound that does hoop to more effective. Thorns break any fat deposits. But when using, bruises which long do not pass are formed. For achievement of effect it is necessary to use not less than 15 minutes a day.

4. Problem places on waist and hips can be cleaned by means of massage. Here variations huge set — to address the expert. Then for course (10 sessions) from sides about 5 cm will clean up. Process is disease, but productive. Or it is possible to do massage of the house. It it is possible to run just hands, and it is possible to buy special devices. Massagers electric and mechanical help to influence specific places. It is possible to buy special can for vacuum massage. It promotes smoothing of problem zones.

5. The contrast shower helps to make skin of more elastic. Excess weight from it cleans up more slowly, but at combination with other methods — gives the chance to avoid developing of cellulitis and extensions.

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