How to take away excess skin after weight loss

How to take away excess skin after weight loss

Unfortunately, fight for slim figure is not limited to loss of extra kilos. It is possible to lose weight promptly, it is enough to keep to the correct diet only. And here the skin which has got used to absolutely other volumes will be tightened not soon. However this unpleasant process can be reduced.

Skin obvisaniye reasons

When you gained weight, skin gradually stretched, adapting to your figure. It can be reduced together with kilograms only if you grew thin slowly, losing no more than 700 g a week. Otherwise skin begins to droop, and having lost usual support, to reduce tone. Before putting body in order, be convinced that you are ready to complete solutions. As any one way if it is of course not plastic surgery, will not help. You do not tighten skin if you only begin to use cream or to do peeling. It is necessary to apply the whole set of decisions to the solution of this problem.


Begin with food. Make the balanced menu which will enrich your organism with all necessary elements. Do not consider refusal of sweets and fast food as irreplaceable loss. If you want to set result of weight loss, you anyway should replace diet, affording harmful delicacies only sometimes, in the form of pleasant overindulgence. Eat more products which contain collagen. Berries, fruit, sea cabbage, fish and low-fat meat belong to them.

For recovery of elasticity of skin observe the drinking mode. Drink 1.5-2 pure l daily. And here it is better to refuse sparkling water, Coca and coffee. Coffee drinks promote removal of liquid from organism because of what skin cells are dehydrated.


Begin to play sports. If you not the fan of physical activity, so so far just have not found the type of occupations. Actually the sport is not limited to raising of weights in the hall. You can practice yoga or dances, perhaps morning jogs or jumps on jump rope will be to the taste to you. Anyway you remember that the sport helps to hold body in shape, improves blood circulation in problem places, strengthens vessels, so, helps your skin to become elastic and smooth.

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic leaving in fact carries out the same role, as sports exercises. It improves blood circulation and returns tone. But you should not neglect opportunity to flirt for themselves. You will not manage to notice how after regular leaving skin will answer you with gratitude. Adopt rigid srubs and basts. Smear body with olive oil or the tightening cream. And surely use contrast shower and ice rubdowns.

Alternative methods

If you are not ready to long fight for beauty, but are able to afford to spend money for cosmetologists, address them. There will offer you hardware peeling and mesotherapy, wrappings and massage. All these methods are effective and deserve your attention. The question is necessary in the price and opportunity to spend means.

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