How to take away excess skin at weight loss

How to take away excess skin at weight loss

Weight loss problem in its high speed – many women do not wish to limit long themselves in food and for years to visit the gym. As a result of fast dumping of weight there is question how to take away skin at weight loss.

That later diets not to turn into "Shar-Pei", it is necessary to think of lifting of skin in advance. The integrated approach including food, the drinking mode, cosmetic procedures and physical activity is necessary for symmetry.

On start!

Before going on diet, it is necessary to spend few weeks anti-cellulite sessions, with application of the special means containing collagen and elastin. From house products usual liquid honey and ground coffee will approach. Every evening, previously having steamed out body, it is necessary to mass calves, hips, sides and stomach, pounding muscles from below up. Also salty cool bathtubs, contrast douches and massage by rigid bast will help. These simple procedures will answer how to avoid skin obvisaniye at weight loss afterwards.

Attention! March!

With desire to lose weight the thought comes that it is simpler to limit some products in diet to the woman to mind, than to sweat regularly in the gym. But the diet has to be reasonable. First, it is impossible to refuse meat, eggs, bean and fermented milk products. These are protein sources which participate in forming of muscles. If to lose muscle bulk instead of fat, to tighten skin during weight loss it will not turn out. Secondly, it is necessary to drink at least 2-2.5 l of water a day, observing interval between food and drink of not less than 15-40 minutes. Thirdly, it is necessary to refuse the aspiration to lose weight quickly. The plan for 3-6 months – right way to symmetry without the drooped skin. That fat thawed, and muscle bulk grew, it is necessary to watch ratio of these indicators by means of special scales. Also it is worth being engaged though in some sport, or to carry out simple exercises of the house. Usually, helps to tighten skin during weight loss yoga, Pilates, bodiflex.

On the finish

What to do if desired weight is reached, and to take away skin at weight loss it has not turned out? It is necessary to be engaged in it after diet. It is worth continuing to be engaged in physical exercises and even to increase loadings. Have to be present at life of the woman kardio trainings and power exercises. Physical activity is key to secret how to avoid skin obvisaniye at weight loss. The body also needs relax. Here various warm wrappings, mud masks and sauna will help. For visible result it is worth visiting bath at least 2 times a month. Also for lifting of skin and removal of extensions mummies in tablets often use. They need to be pounded in powder and to mix with nutritious cream in proportion 1:4.

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