How to take away flabby skin on stomach, hands and legs

How to take away flabby skin on stomach, hands and legs

of flabby skin usually says that there were visible changes in organism. It is usually possible to refer sharp weight loss or aging of skin and also improper feeding to such changes. It is possible to get rid of flabby skin in the different ways, but after all special srubs and massage of problem zones are considered as more effective.

Today there is large number of srubs and peelings as from shops, and house preparation. On the properties they are almost identical, the means component differs usually. A little below we want to share with you recipes of house srubs from flabby skin on hands and also other parts of body.

In basis of house srub as it is possible to guess, sea salt of medium-sized grinding undertakes and it is desirable without fragrances. By means of such salt it is possible not only to peel the keratosic layer of cages, but also in addition to give to skin smoothness and to restore its elasticity.

But that the tightening effect was maximum and fast, it is usually recommended to add some ingredients which normalize work of cages to sea salt, restore elasticity of fabrics and return them elasticity.

Usually in preparation time of house srubs use cosmetic oils, for example:

Almonds oil – restores elasticity, gives smoothness and silkiness to skin; Peach Oil – does skin velvety to the touch, helps to fight against striya; Oil of castor oil rejuvenates, tightens and improves structure of upper layers of epidermis; Lemon Oil – refreshes, tones up and accelerates exchange processes in fabrics; Orange Oil – struggles with dryness of covers, returns them elasticity, softness and smoothness; Rose Oil – returns elasticity, smoothness and attractiveness to skin; Avocado Oil – humidifies covers, improves their appearance, struggles with irritations, striya and other shortcomings of skin.

As in our article it is about flabbiness of skin in problem places, and recipes we will describe that are effectively used for fight against it.

Sea salt castor oil Oil Oil peach Oil of orange

We take 3 tablespoons of sea salt and we pour into deep capacity. We add on tablespoon of oil of peach and castoric and up to 5 drops of essential oil of orange. Everything is well mixed and we leave for 5 minutes that salt has become impregnated with oils.

At this time we steam out skin and we wash away from it all dirt with use of shower gel and rigid bast. You watch the main thing that on skin it was not formed damages as at hit of salt in wound the unpleasant feeling and reddening of skin can appear.

We apply the received mix with small particles of salt on problem places in turn from below up and we mass within 3 minutes. It is usually recommended to apply at first on hips, further on stomach and hands. After drawing we hold structure of 5 more minutes on body then we wash away by means of shower gel.

After such scrubbing, it is possible to put any moistening means and cosmetic oil of almonds, jojoba and avocado.

Sea salt Rose attar almonds Oil avocado Oil

We take several tablespoons of sea salt without fragrance and we mix with rose and almond attar in equal quantities. Oil of avocado is added in number of teaspoon. In addition, to enhance anti-cellulite effect it is possible to add several drops of essential oil of lemon to mix. We mix everything and we apply on body, as well as in the first option of srub.

To get rid of flabby skin and to make it more tightened and beautiful, massage will help. This procedure can be carried out with use of special cosmetic oils, or to get special anti-cellulite oil means.

For a start we apply means which will help our palms to slide freely on the surface of skin on surface of problem zones.

Further easy grinding, we begin to massage the surface of hips in the direction from below up. Strokings have to be rather strong that fabrics have well got warm. We carry out each stroking till 10-15 times.

Now we squeeze hands in cams and we begin to do easy drainage of fabrics. For this purpose we collect by bones of four fingers skin and slightly we clamp between them and thumb of hands. Gradually we move in the direction from below up to lymph flows. We repeat 3-5 times.

We establish palms on hips and we begin to do easy pat, creating small vacuum between palm and skin. We pass in the direction from below up then we come back to initial position of hands. We repeat prokhlopyvany skin of 5-9 times.

In conclusion of the procedure, we carry out easy stroking of skin on lymph flows. 3-5 strokings on each problem zone.

After massage performance, we recommend to relax and have a rest within 10-15 minutes.

Carrying out two of these methods, you will be able to take away flabby skin for few weeks. At the same time to improve not only elasticity of fabrics and the flabbiness will leave, but also manifestation of cellulitis, striya and roughness of skin also considerably will decrease.

In addition to everything, there is a wish to add that the described procedures are higher, perfectly suit women after the child's birth. They not only will tighten skin, but also will reduce circle of buttocks, hips and stomach by 4-6 cm in month. Such reduction, comes at the expense of water conclusion from fabrics which generally are available for each woman in labor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team