How to take away goose pads under eyes

How to take away goose pads under eyes

Any attractive woman will not be able to keep for a long time natural charm and charm without careful daily skin, hair, nails care. To be beautiful and young at any age is long and careful work on itself. Will help to keep youth and to take away goose pads under eyes set of simple means which, has to be stored in casket of each woman loving herself.


1. Daily preventive massage: relax eyes, look up-down, transfer look to left, and then to the right side. Further forefingers slightly press on internal corners of eyes. Repeat exercise 20 times.

2. Every evening grease eyelids with vitamin E. Apply the nutritious moisturizing cream (for each skin, depending on type and features, it is necessary to select cream individually). Putting cream has to go from outer side of eyes to nose bridge.

3. Under eyes the massage with use of almond oil will help to reduce goose pads. For this purpose very accurately apply oil on eyelids and fingertips carry out at first the easy tapping actions, and then pass to short pressing of fingers by century. At the end of massage hardly touching, stroke eyelids (without stretching).

4. Under eyes effective house mask from crumb of white loaf will help to reduce also goose pads. For this purpose soak bread in saucer with milk, and then impose on clean eyelids, leaving for 15-20 minutes. Then accurately unmask, and wipe eyes with damp cotton pad from external corner to nose bridge.

5. After removal of make-up from eyes apply on cotton pad several small drops of essential oil jojoba and wipe with gentle movements eyelid from bottom side and sideways, without touching with that upper eyelid. After putting oil blot with cotton towel superfluous. Do not wipe face as it will only stretch skin and that is more probable, will tear the small parts which are responsible for its elasticity.

6. If eyes were tired after the working day, refresh them with mask from ice. For this purpose freeze green tea, and for a while apply the received pieces to centuries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team