How to take away hair bikini zone

How to take away hair bikini zone

Hair in zone of bikini bring lot of trouble upon fine half of mankind as they untidy look against the background of lacy shorts. Most of all problems arise during the summer period when so there is a wish to lie on the beach, but before to make it, it is necessary to remove undesirable hairs.


1. It is undesirable to shave off hair in bikini zone as the risk of irritation which does not pass until is high until they appear there again. But if you have decided on such removal of hair, then it is possible to reduce unpleasant consequences. Process leather srub, then apply shaving foam and wait several minutes. Accurately shave hairs and wash out skin under warm water. Apply the moisturizing cream. If you often have irritation, then before process leather alcohol-containing lotion.

2. Try to depilate in the area of bikini wax strips. Upon purchase stop the choice on strips for sensitive skin. Densely apply strip, carefully iron it hand. And now it is careful - it will be a little sick. Sharply break strip against growth of hairs. If vegetation was removed not all, then pull out it tweezers. Wipe skin with lotion and apply cream. You will need to carry out the repeated procedure not earlier than in 1-2 weeks.

3. Hair removal cream can be used on so delicate place too. But be careful - you watch that it has not got on mucous membrane of genitals, differently strong burning will begin. On the expiration of time (it is specified on packing) carefully wash away cream water.

4. By means of epilator it is also possible to get rid of hair. Use it as required then you apply cream to skin. But the epilator well deletes only short hairs therefore try to take away them until they have grown up more than 3-5 mm.

5. If to you has bothered to depilate constantly in the area of bikini, then address in any cosmetology office. The expert will pick up to you option of removal of undesirable hair forever. The cost of the procedure high, but it is worth it. Then vegetation will cease to disturb you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team