How to take away hair from body

How to take away hair from body

Modern women take away hair from the body. And practice of disposal of hair is known many centuries, still Cleopatra did epilation by means of beeswax. Methods of fight against hair have thought up much. But each person chooses for himself something unique.

Safety razor. All used this method. Each woman at least once in life picked up it. It is fast and reliable way to fight against hair, but only the effect is very short-lived. In one-two days hairs grow again and seem thicker as begin to be pricked. It is better to use the machine for legs and armpits. And here in zone of bikini the irritation is possible.

Cream depilator. By the principle it is similar to shaving. Special substances destroy hair, but not internal part, but external. Therefore there is burned smell. But on hair root the influence does not happen. And respectively, in couple of days, shoots appear again. Happens that the substances which are slowing down growth of hair add to composition of cream, but not all of them are very effective. Such way is suitable for all sites. The main thing that there was no allergy to structure.

Epilation wax. Very painful, but convenient procedure. The hair with root cleans up. Also appears again only in 3-4 weeks. Besides at each following procedure of hair is thinner and thinner and more imperceptible. Such method is often used in beauty shops, but it is possible to buy set and for house epilation. The point is that apply wax on the surface of skin of 5-10 cm. And when it stiffens, the sharp movement break it together with hair. There is hot and cold way. Hot it is better as from temperature time opens, hairs are removed better. In zone of bikini you should not do such procedure during monthly, skin is very much injured.

Removal of hair by means of epilator. It is the electric device. Its principle is based that the turning metal plates take hairs and pull out together with root. This procedure quite long, but convenient. Negative side are the grown hairs, but if before epilation to do peeling, it can be avoided. Is suitable for any parts of the body depending on pain threshold.

Laser depilation is expensive action, but it is capable to take away hairs for several years. By means of the laser the structure of hair collapses or becomes very brittle. It can continue to grow, but colourless. The result is possible only after several procedures and several years keep. Best of all is suitable for girls with dark hair, but light skin.

The photoepilation is achievements of resistant result. Influencing light, hair collapse completely and then do not grow. But for each person the number of procedures is calculated individually. Does not cause pain.

It is not important how you will depilate, it will happen in salon or houses, the main thing are to choose the way which is most suitable for you. Beauty is smooth skin without excess vegetation today.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team